Ultimate Vacations for Gamers


If you’re an avid gamer, then there’s a chance that holidays just don’t do it for you. Stuck in a hotel with terrible Wi-Fi that leaves games so laggy that you can’t even manage a quick round of online chess. Better off staying at home, right? In a word — no. You see vacations don’t have to be all about bland hotel food and internet speeds that make you wish for the days of dial-up. In fact, here are some vacations that just might make you forget to ask for the Wi-Fi password when checking in.

Blizzard need no introduction as it’s one of the greatest game development companies in the world. The gaming giant hosts  the BlizzCon convention each year in Anaheim, California. This is an amazing opportunity to speak with the people that have brought us games like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and Heroes of the Storm.
There are game announcements, prizes, question and answer sessions, and some serious cosplay. It’s one of the most anticipated gaming conventions in the world and it’s only a short drive from Disneyland. Although, we’re not quite so sure that you’ll want to go there.

Poker Cruise
If you're thinking about riverboats on the Mississippi, then think again. You can expect a much higher standard of comfort and luxury on a modern poker cruise. These are top-of-the-line ships that take you on a cruise to the likes of the Caribbean, Hawaii, and even the coast of Italy.
So aside from the destinations, what’s so great about them? Well, for one thing, you’ll have every kind of casino gaming option under the sun just outside your doorstep. And the fact that you’re on a ship means that you’ll get to know the other passengers quite well and perhaps even make a few friends.

Void Virtual Reality Theme Park                                 Located in Lindon in the Utah, the Void Virtual Reality Theme Park is a gamer’s paradise. It’s an incredible combination of both virtual and augmented reality as you can navigate a safe environment without removing your headset.
This is the chance to really feel like you inside the game. Not the way you might be in your living room where you still need to be aware of the coffee tables and the walls around you but so much better. There are physical maps and that you can use to explore the area and complete your missions. It doesn’t get much better than this.

National Video Game Museum
The National Video Game Museum is located in Texas, USA. This is like a veritable trip down memory lane for gamers of a certain age. There you’ll find old N64 consoles, the first Atari, the first Playstation, and even old Commodore 64s!
Now, this isn’t your ordinary run of the mill museum where there’s a strict no touching policy in force. At this place they actually encourage you to play as many games as you possibly can during your visit. You’ll also learn about the first ever video games and how the industry evolved over time to become what it is today.


Okay, so BlizzCon is pretty good, but it still doesn’t even compare to the biggest gaming convention in the world. That’s right, Gamescom in Cologne is the single largest event of its kind in the world. Over 373,000 people visited the convention in 2019 from more than 100 countries. The opening night was streamed live by over 500,000 people!
Only 31,300 were trade visitors and the rest were hardened gamers. Here you’ll see cosplay events, game releases, the latest news from console manufacturers along with question and answer sessions with gaming developers. This is the one vacation that has something for every kind of gamer.
The American Classic Arcade Museum
Yes, it’s another museum located in the USA, but this one is pretty impressive. While the National Video Game Museum tends to focus on consoles, all you’ll find here are old-school arcade machines that you remember from back in the day.
Located in Laconia in New Hampshire, the museum has over 300 classic games from as far back as the 70s and 80s. You can play all the games but you will need a token to play each one. You can buy 25 tokens for $5 which is pretty good value considering you get to play some of the rarest and most talked about arcade video games ever.

DreamHack is a three-day event that usually takes place in Sweden but that also runs other events in places like India, the USA, Holland, and Spain. It’s the ultimate LAN experience with thousands of gamers coming together top play games in one big building.
Think of it like the biggest internet gaming café you can imagine and you’ll have a rough idea of what this event is like. Like all conventions, there’s cosplay, question and answer sessions, and special guests. But at DreamHack, it’s really all about the gaming.

Visit real-life gaming locations
Ever thought about visiting the places you go to in your video games but in real-life? No, we’re not talking about games like Glorious Leader but more along the lines of Star Wars. Imagine going to Tatooine (Tunisia) and seeing where Luke used to live? Pretty cool, right?
So where else could you go? Well, there’s the Colosseum that features in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. There’s Angkor Wat where Lara Croft raided some tombs. But perhaps the most fun would be Los Angeles as featured in Grand Theft Auto and perhaps a dozen other games.

Whether it’s a poker cruise to the Caribbean or a run down memory lane at the Arcade Museum; if you’re a gamer, then you’ll love these vacations.