Fahrenheit Inn


Last winter in France was a bit of a blur. A rather wet blur in fact, resulting in a never ending surge of rain that kept everybody at home, twiddling their thumbs while getting fat on cheese.
It’s in these moments that our expatriate island boys’ nerves are put to the test, and Erwin’s and I’s didn’t last long. Our eyes were glued on the maps, and soon enough we were headed towards a country far south, which we won’t reveal the name of—but that will no doubt look familiar to those who can read the signs. 
Upon arrival, a piece of paper with instructions was given to us. We were told to take the west road. The one leading to that infamous town that was once a gold mine, far behind the mountains. « Continue straight upon crossing the 14th bridge—the blue one—and don’t stop until you spot the hill of the eternal rainbow » it read.
That was the indication that we would be near our destination: A hotel where the grass was bright green and the oceans folds were warm and hollow. We had to show up at noon in order to meet the owner of the place. « She will be sunbathing in a pink umbrella » our guide told us. That’s when we knew we were at the end of the road:




Filmed/Edited by: Yentl Touboul 
Water Cinematography: 
Kylian Castells 
Additional Footage: 
Hypolite Champion 
Music: Jai Walsh - "Mariachi Aquachi" 
Equinoxious - "Astros Prometidos" 

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