Lodown #100 exhib

da recap #2

Wow, that has been a blast, indeed! Thank you all so much for having turned the release of Lodown's 100th issue into such a great evening the other day. Events in Paris and London will follow soon.

And for those of you who had been too busy with popping the corcks - up to the degree where you've missed to check the actual exhibition - here's a little recap of the art that was on display.

artworks by:

Clemens Behr / Collage Sculpture / 2016

Mark Gonzales / Sphinx / 1997

Manuel Bürger / OOF / 2014

Stefan Marx / Drawings / 2013

Thomas Campbell / Photography / 1996

Thomas Marecki / Hoopdrone and Canvases / 2008 - 2015

Photos by Marchi Marchell