Rude & Valiant

The New Yorker/Berlin based Curses is known for blending his Rock & Roll roots with the darker side of disco and wave, incorporating ghostly vocals and guitar, ending up in a blend that sounds like an illegal galactic warehouse party where some crunk is selling sugar coated hippie flips, flame throwers and other party packs out of a set of marshall amps.

With releases on labels such as Bordello A Parigi, Throne Of Blood, SC&P, Wrong Era, Ombra INTL, Relish and a Rinse France radio residency, Curses continues to hiss and kiss in clubs worldwide.


”Kicked it off with some live vocals and put a lot of special edits and weird 80's and 90's television samples from MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network) Public Access TV - A channel where the city had to legally give airtime to anybody that wanted to. I used to watch this a lot as a teenager - because it was uncensored and some of the most exciting and weirdo stuff on it.“


1. Intro

2. Edgar Froese - A Dali-Esque Sleep Fuse (Curses Edit)

3. Mehmet Aslan - Alysha

4. Семь Ножей/Seven Knives - Потерянные Образы

5. Sueño Sueño - Lluvia (Curses Refix)

6. Tony Carey - Dynamite

7. Spazio Palazzo - Altra Faccia

8. Alien Alien - Humana Dub

9. Dark Strands - Cold Turkey

10. Curses - Pedal To The Metal And Don't Look

11. TYU - Girasol (Curses Extended Remix)

12. The Hacker - Dancing Mekanik

13. Siouxsie And The Banshees - Conga Congo (Fringe Society Re-Mash)

14. TenGrams - Disco Dub

15. Perel - Alles

16. February Montaine - Squid's Lament

17. Outro


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