MONDAY MIXTAPE: Philipp Jung (M.A.N.D.Y.)

doubling fantasies

Philipp Jung is known for being one part of the infamous duo M.A.N.D.Y. (along with Patrick Bodmer) which was evolving out of the late 90s Frankfurt club scene and the Monza Club. As remixers, producers and DJs, pop stars in their own right they’re moving beyond the traditional pop star circus. A gunload of productions, remixes for the likes of Roxy Music, The Knife, Rockers HiFi, Underworld, Black Coffee, Röyksopp and Laurie Anderson, just to name - cough - a few and official mixes for Fabric, the At The Controls series, Rennaissance Recordings and the Body Language series of their own label, Get Physical, this should be enough of an introduction. After being around for such a long time, navigating the club scene under their M.A.N.D.Y. moniker it was about time to release their first full debut album, Double Fantasy, which got releaed just a month ago and is an overall listening pleasure, may it be the dance floor or the couch. 

So much for the official side. Who’s got to know him finds out within seconds that Philipp is an overall nice guy, easy to get along and that he has a great musical vision and education that goes beyond just house and techno. He’s got a soft spot for jazz, he told me once, which was the initial spark for having him as a guest.

So, inbetween travelling a million miles, playing basically all over the globe from Miami to Peru to South-East Asia to Argentina to Australia to Mexico to all over Europe and back (as M.A.N.D.Y. or alone), finishing the album and touring and promoting it, we’re more than delighted that he found the time to record and send us this excursion to his jazzy side.

„When you work in the music industry for such a long time, you eventually stumble over friends or family members who have a passion for jazz. And as in techno there’s a zillion different forms and styles. My mom’s husband was very much into jazz and saw Chet Baker live back in the days. And by chance he was the first one i fell in love with too. 

I have to admit jazz doesn’t open so easily, even to trained minds, but now i can even listen to free jazz and it calms me down. I love the improvisation and complete artistic freedom and maybe that is what I like about my job so much as well. You never know where its heading, every night is different. 

There’s so much to show and say and I’ve got so many records here, it was really hard to choose as I also wanted to feature some of „our people“ that have a very free approach. So maybe it’s a little bit left and right, but it shows the spectrum of what I like about this music.“



Thanks, Philipp, for being part of our show! We think that’s the perfect gift and present for a now terminated xmas, may it have been enlightening or depressing for you and a great and very soothing ender for a more than weird year. 

Hope we make it onto the green next year, Philipp!