Levi's Skateboarding x Poetic Collective

Levi’s® Skateboarding and Poetic Collective have collaborated to bring you the visual document ’On Land’, shot entirely in Stockholm.

I’m sure, that you’re familiar with this itch in your body and emotional high as soon as the spring time kicks in and the first warmer days unfold..  The clip is  a snapshot of the arrival of spring and represents the start of the long-anticipated skate season after a long Swedish winter - the sun is finally out and the skies are clearing. 

/ The clip features a full Swedish crew geared up in the Levi’s® Skateboarding collection including: Simon Källkvist, Johan Bergljung, Samuel Norgren, Nils Lilja, Peter Johansson, Klas Andersson, and Tom Botwid. / Filmed by: Markus Bengtsson, Paul Botwid &Tom Botwid / Editing and music by: Paul Botwid