gone by dawn

Gone By Dawn is the culmination of the progression of my work for the last 13 years. All my work is narrative based, and in that sense I create works that are in the form of chapters. This latest chapter of work has taken me two years to complete. It is a limited release of 100 signed and edition-ed copies. It is available in limited release in Los Angeles at Opening Ceremony.

Gone by Dawn is a personal testament of my ongoing story, telling what it means to grow up, evolve, and live in this world. Since the start, making images that are true and honest are the heart of the work. I started making images when I was 16, addressing a self introspective look at the world around me. Now as I approach 30 I've developed a language and style that is mine. When you look at any of my images, there are layers of an unknown story being told. A frozen moment in time, a past and a future happening at the same time. Creating a narrative structure is something that I've always tried to push, I'm highly influenced by cinema and it's very apparent in the imagery being made.

- Mark Rubenstein

The book (limited edition of 100, signed & numbered) has just been released at Colette in Paris and Rubenstein’s already way deep into his next journey..