benjamin röder 'need me or delete me'

If you carry a soft spot for classy house music and Bavaria’s capital, then Benny Röder is your man. Besides running his club 'Charlie', spinning his tunes around the globe, making music every now and then (Spectacle/ Permanent Vacation) he's also known for his art, may it be sculptures, collages or graphics that all somehow come back to his no.1 passion - music.

We're excited that he's done this little exclusive pearl for us:


01. anxious
02. a.greenman "microsolutions to megaproblems" 
03. roy davis jr. "there's a place"
04. jon cutler feat. e-man "it's yours"
05. robert owens & ron trent "deep down"
06. henry gilles "damn it or change it"
07. move d "picking flowers for you"
08. omar s 
09. generation next "generic current"
10. benjamin röder & maximilian wanninger "sugar steady"
11. k.haring whitelabel
12. grant dell - "the return"
13. matt tolfrey "distany story"
14. addvibe luv & happiness

Check his upcoming release out in February:
Benjamin Röder & Maximilian Wanninger "Sugar Steady"
Vinyl only via publicpossession.com

When in Munich don't forget to dance the night away at bar.charl.ie