nick galemore 'softer sides'

'It was a challenge to keep the energy as low as it is without losing it' explains Kindisch’s Nick Galemore.

'Softer Sides' is exactly what it sounds like – the mix doesn’t exceed 100bpm, keeping it somewhere between a Sunday afternoon living room soundtrack and a pre-pre-party warm up - exactly where it needs to be to rinse the ears just before the New Year’s celebrations take over.
Nick started his Discography in 2012 on Get Physical Music with a remix of ‘Crazy’ from French-singer Ornette alongside Nôze, Phonique and LOPAZZ & Casio Casino remixes. A few months later he surprised quite a few with his debut EP “Vorbote” on Kindisch, and this year again when he teamed up with Gregor Trierweiler for ‘Orage’ (Kindisch). He’s managed to steadily grab enough attention to keep us looking forward to a third Kindisch EP due mid-January.