Festival of Character Design

The 18th Pictoplasma Festival invites you to the Visitors' Day and Character Market in the former crematorium of Wedding

The Pictoplasma Festival invites you to Silent Green on 18th September, where international illustrators and designers will present their work at the festival’s first ever Character Market. As an eclectic showcase of current visual trends and contemporary character designs, the Character Market enables the Berlin public to meet and exchange ideas with a creative community that comes together in Silent Green for the annual specialist conference, taking place in the days before. Prints, zines, comics, sculptures, editions, garments and other lovingly produced items will all be for sale!

The Character Market represents the current state of figurative design from the ground up; the event is conceived as an open format that hands over the stage to the makers of character design. Bad weather? Silent Green’s vast underground hall will be ready to accommodate everyone if needed! In the various buildings and out-spaces of Silent Green there will also be open creative workshops in which visitors of all ages can make something themselves. Discussions with festival artists will take place on an intimate stage, and crowning the day is a screening of 20 animated short films that promises to blow your mind!

Sunday, September 18, 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., Screening 7:00 p.m
Silent Green, Gerichtstrasse 35, 13347 Berlin

– free entry, screening 9€ –

Exhibitions in Mitte

Even before the Sunday spectacular, the Berlin audience can gain impressions of the current avant-garde of figurative design at various galleries in the centre of the city. A group show in an abandoned building in the cemetery of Alter St.-Marien- und St.-Nikolai presents the ‘flesh suits’ of Daisy Collingridge, grotesque sculptural depictions of our human corporeality, while Viviane Schwarz’s interactive installation, Restless Spirit, features the ghosts of astronaut dog Laika and astronomers Kepler and Galileo in a reflection on the limits of reality and the medium light. Illustrators Simon Landrein, Jordan Coelho and Shir Pakman showcase their style-defining human portraits, and Júlia Farkas entertains with animated loops of humorous imagined beings.

Another exhibition in the Rainbow Unicorn gallery presents editions and animations by illustrators Hedof and Dédouze, and in the neurotitan gallery in Haus Schwarzenberg there is a showcase of works by the Pictoplasma Academy Alumni 2019 – delayed twice because of the pandemic! Also at neurotitan, the Ukrainian illustrator Anna Sarvira shows her works alongside other illustrators from her network Pictoric – a collection of empowering voices on the current war in their country.

15th–18th September, Berlin, 12:00 – 20:00, free admission
Alter St. Marien- und St. Nikolai-Friedhof, Prenzlauer Allee 1, 10405
Rainbow Unicorn, Anklamer Str. 50, 10115
neurotitan, Rosenthaler Str. 39, 10178

Film programs at the Colosseum and Silent Green
As part of the conference, 70 animated short films will be shown in various programmes. There are two ways for the Berlin public to join in:

Psychedelic Midnight Mix
The legendary Psychedelic Midnight Mix, which is curated afresh each year, completely abandons all common narratives. The programme features films in which the offbeat and unusual aesthetic forms are in the foreground.

Friday, 16th September, 22:30
Colosseum, Schoenhauser Allee 123, 10437 Berlin

Best of Pictoplasma 2022
At the end of the festival, the Best of Pictoplasma 2022 will show a selection of 20 films from this year's programme – the perfect introduction to a variety of animated visual worlds.

Sunday, 18th September, 19:00
Silent Green, Gerichtstrasse 35, 13347 Berlin,

Admission €9, tickets at the cinema box office