Guerrilla Art 1980-85

We recently were informed about a website that compiled guerillia billboard art, called Truth in Advertising, Guerrilla Art in Santa Cruz, 1980-1985.

So what was Truth in Advertising?

Truth in Advertising (also known as TIA) was a clandestine network of people who altered billboards to convey social and political messages. The network operated in the City of Santa Cruz, California, from 1980 to 1985. The feature that distinguished TIA work from other billboard vandalism was the amazing precision of the alterations. Each billboard appeared to be a regular billboard until you read the message.

These photographs are of actual altered billboards that appeared on Santa Cruz streets. The photographs have been adjusted for brightness, contrast, and parallax to improve the presentation quality, but the content has not been altered.

Have a look what the people did in the '80ies and maybe do something that would do now!