up in the mountains

Alpineart is a new site looking into the world of artist residing in the mountains and appreciate the beauty of nature. Mountains are the sanctuary of the artists and photographers represented on this site, here they draw creativity and create new ideas.  Alpine Art is also an online shop to offer the works of these artists. Their aim: to redefine and co-create the term Alpine Art.  It is a challenge for individual creative minds in the Alps, that’s why it’s only natural to form a group going for this. Please have in mind, that you are supporting youth culture when purchasing their products.

Alpineart is not only a market place, but an organization supporting contributors and their mission to be recognized. 

Nanshan 2004, one of the first Chinese ski resorts not far from Beijing. Today one of many. The then small Miyun city has now arrived at the artificial snow strip. Photo: Ludschi