Andrew Jeffrey Wright

cash only, baby

Hurry up! In case you haven't seen it yet: Andrew Jeffrey Wright's solo show “Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s Money“ will close its doors on September 4th at The Hole NYC.

In this exhibition we have one of his bodies of work that has appeared in his zines over the years; photos of money. And not just any money!  “Andrew Jeffrey Wright’s Money”, as in all the cash he has at the time.

Spoofing the genre of braggadocious money photos where 100s are spread in huge piles, spell out names, fan out around guns or drugs or ladies, these photos mostly have 1s and 5s and even coins, no guns and drugs, sometimes a lady, and, like, cats and trees and stuffed animals. An underground artist who is well known by artists but has yet to achieve commercial success in the same way as many of his peers, AJW has been taking these photos for 15 years capturing in this unique way a bit of what being a struggling artist looks like.“