Angelo Repetto


Who in their right mind would ever touch a Beatles song? Like seriously?! Well, it seems that producer Angelo Repetto might have a loose musical screw or two up in his cabeza. His album Roboto features a version of Tomorrow Never Knows which originally appeared on the Revolver LP, back in 1966. Arguably, this was the song that was responsible for introducing the psychedelic aesthetic to the musical world. I’m not surprised that Angelo chose this exact song to cover, as his entire record has something of a soft, iridescent LSD aura about it. I don’t know if the man drops tabs or just likes these type of sounds, either way, it seems he feels at home in these type of sonic spaces. 
In light of the fact that we are honoured to be able to premiere the video for Tomorrow Never Knows, we also picked Angelo’s brain about his personal take on The Beatles.


John or Paul?
John! I like his uncontested idealism. Give peace a chance. No borders, no nations. There are a lot of people out there like us, who don’t feel quite comfortable with what’s happening in politics and so on. I don’t understand humanity. And neither did John, but he looked at the world with a sense of optimism and that’s what we need. I’ve got the poster from Lennon’s Imagine LP hanging in my bedroom. He’s an inspiration! 

White Album Or Sgt Pepper’s?
White Album. Sgt Pepper’s has a conceptual irony about the music which I’m not really into. Ahh, but I really can’t say. Both albums have amazing songs on it. But my favourite LP is definitely Revolver. From the beginning. 

Acid or Weed? 
Interesting. I think that acid had - and still has - a great impact on music and in general on people around the globe. I believe that if any human being would try it at least once in a lifetime, maybe the world would be a better place. Somehow it made me realise that everything is connected. What a pity governments demonise it. I mean, how much violence is evoked by alcohol which is a legal drug in most of the countries? how many families get destroyed by it, how many people start to fight when they’re drunk? I don’t know of any stories about people acting aggressively after consuming acid or weed…

Yoko Ono or Linda Eastman?
No idea. I don’t know much about either of them…Ono is a great artist and all I know is that many people believe that she’s the reason why The Beatles split up. But I don’t. I think it was just time.

George Henry Martin or Phil Spector?
Phil Spector must be a huge asshole from what we can read in the boulevards. But he definitely was a great producer who set new boundaries for music production. 

Yellow Submarine or Magical Mystery Tour? 

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? 
Depends on whether I’m high or drunk. 


Photos by Lucien Woodtli (Shot on october 20 2018, Pro Pack Polaroid - Fujifilm FP-100C)