Arcadia Blank x One5fame

a different kind of collab pack

“I came across this piece around town a few years ago. It's simplicity spoke to the beauty of its message and made me curious about its origins. The words ring true especially on a day like today. Not to say that emptiness follows from being alone but that some mix of connections, collaborations, friends, family and positive vibes are essential if you want to stare the world right back in the eyes and make your mark.“ - One5Fame

The always impressive Dubai based artist Arcadia Blank - in case you've missed the feature we did on him a few years back, check it out over here - teamed up with local streetwear heavyweights One5Fame for a very special collabo.

The pack includes a limited edition snapback, a 1 of 1 polaroid taken and signed by Blank, a tagged Blank bag as well one DXB T-shirt by One5Fame. The whole thing is limited to ten pieces and is - well, probably “was“ would've been more accurate - at Dubai's Akin Barber Shop.