The Audictive Bunch

december 2015

BLACK MOTH SUPER RAINBOW : self lilac : Rad Cult (out now)

Chrism: Every release of this extraordinary band is a gem in my ears! Just try to listen to this mini-album and not end up dreaming of chopped-up robots floating in lukewarm pouring custard. Now take a look at this trippy, twisted DIY synthfest, and you be the judge.

Seven: Pittsburgh’s most lovable weirdos are back, and it’s actually quite remarkable how they succeed in dropping another lo-fi gem that still sounds unique and fresh even though they’re basically hitting the very same note since album one.


FEDERICO ALBANESE : the blue hour : Neue Meister (15.01.16)

Seven: It’s the first release of Berlin Classics’ new sublabel “Neue Meister“, and it actually is quite a benchmark already. Italian composer Albanese delivers a seamless transition between modern classical and minimal music, one of these albums that doesn’t only fit perfectly in the ongoing piano renaissance, but offers a beautiful score for these magic moments that only appear right before the sun rises, regardless of the season. 


FAT WHITE FAMILY : songs for our mothers : Without Consent (22.01.2016)

Chrism: Whoa. Geisteskrank is the word. With one foot steeped in psychedelic rock and another pointing toward the future, the most awesome thing here is that these guys are not caring AT ALL if anyone chooses to follow. Love it. They also have the 'creme de la creme' of song titles!

Seven: It’s just adorable how much fun they’re having at trying their very best to piss everyone off, even though they know that they probably will become bigger than Sleaford Mods anytime soon.


WALL OF DEATH : loveland : Innovative Leisure (29.01.16)

Chrism: On their second album, Parisian trio Wall Of Death teach us that there is nothing better than self awareness, embracing the sound of love with a grab bag of ten harmony-laden psychpop rarities that will promptly get you hooked. Give it a spin as soon as you can!

Seven: Agreed. Their sophomore album is a surprisingly subtle beast, which almost seems to be a bit brash on first impression but grows into something big and beautiful the more you’ll listen to it.


GOGO PENGUIN : man made object : Blue Note (05.02.16)

Chrism: After you're done sipping Glühwein at the Christmas market, it's time to fidget by the fireside along to UK jazz trio Gogo Penguin's compelling, handmade masterpiece of high energy. Transforming electronic compositions into traditional forms, this album reveals an incredible grasp of indulgence and structure.


MONEY : suicide songs : Bella Union (29.01.16)

Chrism: Manchester's Money are back with nine slices of hopelessness. Incredibly well produced and written, and more mature and durable thanks to Jamie Lee's thoughtful and inspired lyricism. Deserves a solid nine out of ten.

Seven: Can you blame an album of being too accomplished? Of course you can. Easily. Does that pass off as criticism? Not really, does it?! This is a bold and beautiful album... it’s just sounding (a bit too) unnecessarily big for me at this very moment.


SOPHIE : product : Numbers (out now)

Chrism: Pointless genre mashing to be found here, pushing the boundaries of bubblegum sound production to the extreme. The worst thing is that it tumbles around in my mind long after I’ve turned off the record. Just shoot me now.

Seven: This London producer received a lot of love from the blog community lately, and I’m absolutely clueless how this could actually have ever happened. Maybe this simply isn't my sense of humour? This makes me want to punch anyone under the age of twenty. Horrible.


PAUW : macrocosm microcosm : Caroline (22.01.16)

Chrism: Well-crafted harmonies, hooks & interesting melodies to be found on the debut by this Dutch female psychedelicists. Overal a solid release, really, but it just didn’t manage to captivate me like I was expecting it to do. But why?

Seven: The basic answer is that their songs actually aren’t that good, really. It’s a very pleasant listen, but in the end of the day this sounds like a rather uninspired mishmash of ideas other bands have put out on a way more satisfactory level. 


YOUR FRIEND : gumption : Domino (29.02.16)

Chrism: Following last years convincing Jekyll/Hyde EP, the full length by the talented young Taryn Miller emerges as a growing body of triggered hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, perceptual distortions and sometimes a mystical feeling of oneness with nature, with Millers voice rising and falling with disarming intensity.


MYSTERY JETS : curve of the earth : Caroline (22.01.16)

Chrism: Now that's a bit of a surprise: Way better than their previous outcome, this fifth album by english indie rock outfit Mystery Jets delivers 48 minutes of excessively well produced, charismatic tunes that beg for multiple listens. WAY more confident than they ever have sounded before.


WYOMING : moon jaunt : AdP Records

Seven: Well, it’s actually pretty hard to not like this album somehow, to be honest. It’s engaging and charming and mature and gracious while confidently walking the line between electronica and token indie gestures. But then on the other hand that’s exactly why “Moon Jaunt“, the sophomore album of this German trio, feels so damn moderate and horribly polite as well.