brian anderson on the mic

For me the beauty of skateboarding is, that no matter which gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social background or subculture you’re hailing from.. it brings everyone together and it’s all about being fucking free! Nobody should restrict themselves or carry heavy burdens on their shoulders, just in order to match the expectations of society. BA came out four months ago, everything has been basically said and people could ask themselves: “What does it really matter?”. Love is all what matters and this world needs more of it. Brian seemed to be really vital, happy & loose, when Lodown met him in Berlin for his first exhibition and collection launch.

. How do you compare the creative process of designing a collection to cooking and painting? 
That’s a good question.. well, you’re using a knife while preparing to cook. You’re using a razor blade, when you’re setting up a skateboard and stylizing it.. You could compare them in a manner of seasoning. They’re very similar while you’re spicing it up.

. You just had your first exhibition in Berlin, when did you start painting?
I just started painting maybe in the last two months. I’d always draw in my sketchbook, but now, I’m using acrylic and pieces of paper for collages. Let’s see how that goes.

. What were the first art pieces or moments in your childhood, that inspired you?
I think that comes from being in a really big family. While I was growing up with 13 brothers and sisters, my mom gave me crayons, pencils and paper to start drawing. We didn’t have a lot of money, so we had to get creative.

. You have been always inspirational for being a tall & gnarly skater. Can you share any skate wisdom for the tall rippers out there?
When you fall, try to roll and slide on your butt, maybe wear blue jeans. Stare at your landing (and think of a Plan B, when everything else fails, like I’ll jump all the way down there and..).

. Axion had the sickest team at the end of the nineties.. Can you recall significant memories?
I remember how it happens: Kareem Campbell came up to me at the Tampa contest and asked: so how do you like the shoes? I was like: “Yeah!”, but I traded some Toy Machine products for FTC clothes, because I wasn’t on the team. After that, he started to send me shoes. Then I remember being at FTC San Francisco and I saw Keenan Milton. He gave me the biggest Hi Five and was like ”I’m so psyched, that you’re on Axion shoes”. It was unreal. That was a great time and I was flattered for being on the team. My room mate Brad Staba looked at me and was like: “You fucking ride for Axion! (And you’re the whitest motherfucker)”. Those guys were some solid people (Gino, Guy, Kareem, ..) and became close friends easily. 

. Going back to your current collection for Nike SB: Which musician should rock your collection? 
Snoop Dogg - straight up, but he’s on Adidas, Motherfucker. Too bad, he would need that! 
 . And he would love the colors..
Yeah, totally, he wears the Pittsburgh Pirates, you know I’m sayin’.

. Five Songs that are on heavy rotation
> Grigio Girls by Lady Gaga
> Winterland by Clark
> Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone - this guy is so awesome
> Woodstock by Joni Mitchell
> Other People by Beach House

. photos: Marcel Veldmann, Ben Colen, Bryce Kanights, Dennis Scholz,..  . interview: jk