Backjumps 20+1


Backjumps 20+1 Berlin is open until2nd of August

Backjumps, the open platform for urban communication and aesthetics, invites again to Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien.

From 23.05.2015 – 02.08.2015 the exhibition „Backjumps 20+1“ in the 21st year of its existence shows three different approaches of its topic: It tracks back the history of Backjumps: How Backjumps has started as a graffiti fanzine, became a magazine for urban communication and evolved into an extraordinary and unique exhibition on urban art forms.  Also, Backjumps wants to discuss how urban art is developing and evolving and how it shapes urban space and our perception of it. The exhibition will be accompanied by a program including walks, talks, discussions and workshops – including the JUNIOR LAB especially for young people. 

„Backjumps 20+1 – urban communication and aesthetics“ will showcase how different art forms originate and arise from urban space and try to show how multi-faceted this outcome could be. The participating artists will show different interpretations of DIY-culture and their communication to the streets. Some „old masters“ will meet at Backjumps after 10 years to collaborate again. 

Akay | Victor Ash | Arunski & Poet | Banksy | Brad Downey | Boris Tellegen | Eric Winkler | Futura | Gonzalo Maldonado Morales | Graffitimuseum | Jeroen Jongeleen - Influenza | Jay One Ramier | Jeroen Erosie | Jürgen Große | Kacao77 & Phos4 | Markus Butkereit | Matthias Wermke | Mode2 | Paul du Bois-Reymond | Peter Michalski | Pigenius Cave | Skki | Thomas Bratzke 
| Various& Gould und Polina Soloveichik | Velotramp

mariannenplatz 2 
10997 berlin
u-bahn kottbusser tor

open hours:
daily: 12 - 19 h
free admission