Andy Pye "Overland"

A little earlier this year we introduced you to Balearic Social, the terrific - in our honest opinion - best platform for all connaisseurs of balearic blends of chilled out beats, yacht rock, bearded beach bum folk, tie-dyed cosmic, pill-compatible pop tunes and slomo house to watch sunsets to. Balearic Social started three years ago and broadcasts weekly on Sunday mornings 8am - 10am GMT. Within those few years its Soundcloud page happened to become one of the main archives of that style with guest mixes from Mushrooms Project, Seahawks, Psychemagik, Soft Rocks, Macadam Mambo, Hardway Bros., Justin Robertson, Lexx and countless more.

This week we’re honoured to have Andy Pye, the man behind Balearic Social, serving our Mixtape Monday goodie.

„It’s some of the records I’ve found recently. Things you tend to find in cold rooms and after rummaging through thousands of records and hours later you finally find some gems.“