Beni Bischof

Solo Exhibition „Banane, Brot, Feuer.“

“All in all, it’s all a tremendous confusion.” - Friedrich Löchner

With his unique view of the world and his irrepressible passion for questioning everything, Beni Bischof creates an artistic cosmos like no other. No material, no topic, no subject matter, no boundary and no feeling is spared from his unrestrained playful impulse.

He relentlessly combines various media into new conglomerations, including drawing, collage, painting, installations and sculpture. Bischof takes his inspiration from the flood of images produced by the colorful world of media. His works show the continuing digital fragmentation of today’s society with an uncanny precision. Many of his strongly expressive constructions are marked by a humor and cynicism that show a fine sense for human existence in all its facets. However, this expression does not adhere to a conceptual strategy. Instead, Bischof spontaneously follows his intuition, thus giving his creativity free reign in every regard.

His surreal works often reveal the abysses of humanity and reduce society to a caricature. In this way he points out the complexity of life today and attempts to convey it to the viewer through his very own power of artistic expression. In doing so he often breaks with the conventions and rules of society and the visual arts, which can and are even intended to trigger such great provocations. Only with a finely tuned perception can the full scope of his initially grotesque-seeming works be recognized. The viewer is overtly asked to consider the state of our world and not to linger on the surface, as is so often otherwise the case.

Opening: Wednesday 21 May 2014, 18:00 - 21:00
Exhibition: 22 May - 13 June 2014

Opening hours: Wed - Fri 14:00 - 18:00, or by appointment

Hauser Gallery
Pflanzschulstrasse 17
CH-8004 Zürich 

words: Graziella Kuhn