Beppe Loda 'BL76'

Beppe Loda. Do we really need to explain anything about Beppe Loda? About a man who had his first DJ gig in 1973? Who became resident in the legendary “Typhoon“ club in 1980? The guy who was one of the very first men to cross all genres, pioneering something we now call ecclectic mixing, throwing in Disco, Funk, Brasil, Psychedelic Rock, Kraut, Wave, Italo, Jazz, Ethno, Fusion, labeling the whole thing “Afro“, because it all comes back to repetetive percussive drum patterns? The man who still deejays around the globe with the playful finesse of a young wunderkind and the broad variety of a wise man? The man who delivered a superb hour of “Afro“ Space Disco to us?

Who really needs more info should check this interview.

All others should just hit PLAY.

We are very honoured to have him on board for our Mixtape Monday section. Enjoy!