Borgmann vs Hoosen

schnaps. schnaps. schnaps.

Schnaps. Schnaps. Schnaps.

Between intoxication, delusion and truth. The new edition of the premium herbal liqueur Borgmann with Artist CHRISTIAN HOOSEN has just released.

The cosmos in which Christian Hoosen thinks, lives and works remains often inaccessible in an enigmatic and bizarre way. Except, yes except, one dares a strong sip of a brown elixir going through the Rabbit hole. Welcome. Borgmann is the staunch companion in this narrow space between intoxication, delusion and truth, in which Hoosen dwells. It was close that he should design the next edition of the Premium Herbal liqueur. If you ask Hoosen, the whole thing turned out to be something like that:

"The idea for the design of the new edition bottle of the company Borgmann originated in my early youth during an exchange year, which I spent in Northern Germany. I worked sometimes at the brewery Becks as taste tester, but that never took my love for schnapps. By the continuous repetition of the word "schnaps" I went daily for several hours into a kind of meditative trance state… As Borgmann requested a Bottle design this condition set immediately again. So within only one night - in the intoxication schnaps, words and enjoyment several liters of the beverage went into my body - resulting in the bottle design and various, related pictures. The large-format image ‚Wo Edge ist wohnt der Mann’ deals with the moment of this night in which my mobile phone had no reception. A few tearful minutes later was the problem though and already forgotten. Furthermore, a ‘Klebearbeit’ from beverage candy with the word schnaps and a work with ‘Knallerbsen’ on canvas arose. The development of the final design of the bottle in bright yellow took over in the Morning after my delusional night shift. Selina Gomez, whocame spontaneously to visit gave me a helping hand on the design with the computer. "

Hoosen is undoubtedly considered to be the most honest thing the Berlin art scene has to offer. In 2020, his works will be presented by Gallery Achenbach Hagemeier in Dusseldorf. Many of his pictures are based Color in RAL 1023, a color that is also known as traffic yellow. "According to my studies, a color that affects the production of vitamins in the body, stimulating and leading  to 'synthetic wellbeing', "says Hoosen. 

Rausch, madness or truth? Then a Borgman. Cheers.

BORGMANN1772 is a German premium herbal liqueur with over 150 years History, whose recipe is preserved.

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