Boris Tellegen aka DELTA

at the Charleroi's biennale

This Saturday will be the opening of Asphalte; Biennale d’art urbain in Charlerois, Belgium. 

Dutch artist Boris Tellegen aka DELTA will be part of the festival with some innovative sculptures. His work explores a world where unleashed automated forces would develop themselves robotically and would create their own type of thoughts. Tellegen wanted to show an opposite scenario of today’s world where everyone is obsess with progress.

Innovation and inner strength are represent in the sculptures by some metallic bodies, which seem to burst out of the concrete, and are push by an unstoppable force while simultaneously forming the complex core of a minimal form. The letter A incorporate in the metal structures is a reference to Tellegen’s pseudonym: Delta.

After his studies in engineering, Tellegen started to draw on buildings where he used Delta as a signature. However, unlike many others, the graffiti wasn’t his way to mark a territory. In fact, his main objective was to offer a new kind of lettering. His mural paintings played with inverse perspectives, and were open to many kinds of interpretations as they could rapidly be deconstructed, and remodel into something else.

Boris Tellegen aka DELTA’s sculptures can be seen in the Park Court in Charleroi during the Asphalt & Urban Art Biennale until the 26th of October.