Brooke Olimpieri

Lost Vegas

Jonathan Leder's Imperial Pictures Publishing just announced the release of “Lost Vegas“ - a stunning new photobook by Las Vegas-native Brooke Olimpieri, who uses her vision and her close personal relationships with her subjects to redefine common standards of beauty and female sensuality. In other words: it's a perfect match and much welcome addition to the visual universe Imperial Pictures is famous for.

“Now more than ever, America needs Las Vegas.  Brooke Olimpieri writes in the intro of Lost Vegas—her new book of erotic images for Imperial Pictures, Ltd.—Vegas is “a place where self-destructive behavior is not only accepted, but encouraged.” If we didn’t have this place, we’d go out of our heads. (...) One reason Olimpieri is so good at photographing these women: she’s kind of one of them. “Most of the girls in this book I know well,” she says. “I know right away when I meet someone if we have chemistry, and if the shoot will be a success. It's hard for me to fake it. I've never been good at acting. Either we do it right and have fun, or I'd rather just be home having a martini and watching mindless reality TV.”