BWGH for puma

Dark Shadow

BWGH and Puma are back for the launch of the AW14 Joy collection and present its first color range, named Darkshadow, with a complete wardrobe and two exclusive pairs of sneakers.

The Darkshadow pack is a complete line with performance tees and jackets, sweat pants, but also shirt and blazer, in a pastel yellow and light grey, anthracite shades. They are all present in the Camo down jacket.

Above all:two pair of sneakers, the XS-850 and the XS-698, have been revisited by BWGH and will be available in limited edition.

The campaign bears the signature of Ludovic Zuili, under the artistic direction of David Obadia. Zuili has been a member of the BWGH collective since day one and has made the brand's first snapshot tee "Une Up", re-edited each season.