by Sacoooooooh

“Canasta en sí no quiere decir nada.” Canasta itself doesn't mean anything, it came out of nowhere and began to gain strength as it continued to grow and rolling. 

Francisco Saco should be well known through is epic visual transmissions Video Diays & Homo Pop Gun. Actually he wanted to stop making skate videos and focus on composing films, telling stories & presenting ideas in a more abstract way. But skateboarding in it’s purity is one of the most abstract things to experience.. So luckily the skateboard obsession & fascination won and Francisco will finnish the Trilogy with Canasta in Costa Rica, where it started. 

Berlin and Costa Rica are hard to compare, but the small country puts a diversity of styles & the tropical weather on the table.. Upon returning to Costa Rica, Kevin Mejia and Isaac Valdes approached Saco with the desire and intention of recording. They were hyped and naturally the project grew with the Vagabond crew: The boss Miguel Castro has been one of Saco’s favorite skaters Ticos, the "Splash Brothers" Kervin Miranda and Roberto Chaves, more members, dudes from the the national scene & international guests Remy Taveira from Paris and San Francisco’s Kunz Nich are featured in the independent effort. Spanish music from all over the Hispanic world add a certain forcefulness and stability to the theme of the video.

all photos by Olman Torres

Remy Taveira - ollie bs wallride, Kervin Miranda - ollie fs wallride, Kervin & Dustin / Miguel Castro - Polejam, El indio, Roberto Chaves - bs 5050, Kervin Miranda - kickflip, Trona - no comply, Roberto Chaves - ollie into, Isaac Valdéz, wallie bs 5050, Nich Kunz - ollie fs wallride

We’re looking forward to the full length ride and hopefully the continuation of saco's vision to enhance skateboarding!