Casio will once again crossover into the art world for a collaboration with creative director, designer, illustrator and founder of fashion label, Natural Born - Kevin Lyons.

This G-SHOCK offers wearers a host of functions that makes timekeeping and connectivity a seamless task.

"I am super psyched to be working with G-SHOCK again. Some time last year, Arkitip came to me with the opportunity to create a watch that would illustrate how tough G-SHOCK is,” said Kevin Lyons. “I immediately thought of concrete and concrete blocks. I later paired that idea with the Rudeboy concepts of Concrete Jungle and Tougher Than Tough, both being titles of classic ska recordings describing hard-core urban life in Kingston, Jamaica. Add to this my iconic pyramid Monster characters made out of concrete blocks, and the result is a strange little project that now consists of a classic 5600 with Bluetooth technology, some really cool packaging, and a large-format hand-drawn off-set zine that delves deeper into this crazy combination of concrete meets toughness meets Rudeboy meets pyramids UPTOWN.”