A Certain Distance

2 Days on the Road with Sergej Vutuc

Its times when Anarchy can breed a sort of non-confrontational space, one of outer logic, of a an exploratory manner outside the realms of an established framework in which you find you get individuals co-existing in that sense of space, non-intrusively yet still intuitively interacting and attempting to push boundaries. The nomad lifestyle and DIY ethos that spring forth from such a foundation tend to inform what the person/ artist/ photographer/ skateboarder Sergej Vutuc does with his work. A different translation of nature is, occasionally, at the root of what he seeks to communicate with his practice. A self-defined ecology with which to search for unseen patterns in the mundane and un-extraordinary. 

So when, for example, you find yourself in the type of situation where you can shout brazenly at the top of your lungs: KUNST and startle most patrons at a stuffy art festival you also happen to be attending, you know you’re somehow on the right track to attaining said goal, of breaching the gap whilst aiming for a sort of middle ground between provocation and inclusion, confrontation and harmony.

This is just a short piece documenting this interaction, this sort of lifestyle, framed between two performances sometime ago, between two cities not too far away from each other.

A Certain Distance: Two Days On the Road with Sergej Vutuc
2016, Hi 8, 37:39 min

A film by Francisco Saco
With Sergej Vutuc, Vid Jeraj, Mitch Marx, Kai Epli, Critical Arts Ensemble, and Come Together Project

Photos: Kai Epli
Text: by the one and only Francisco Saco