100 Years for the Team

Since 1919, few brands have impacted the development of contemporary style more than Champion. In 100 years, they have helped take sportswear from functional apparel reserved for athletes to mainstream fashion. Over the course of that journey Champion garments have woven themselves into nearly every setting imaginable: sports arenas, college libraries, military training facilities, trendy boutiques, corporate headquarters and art museums.

The C logo found on each is a long-standing symbol of quality, trustworthy products which have followed millions of Americans from youth to adulthood. The company’s tradition of excellence continues to grow with each new generation’s demand for active lifestyle clothing.

Over the last century, Champion has been at the forefront of modern youth movements adopting inspiration from sports, art and fashion. They’ve utilized an authentic athletic heritage to create innovative products that meet the highest standards of everyday use. The common ingredient between those products is some sort of identification: with a school, team, cause or brand. Every football jersey, college sweatshirt or branded T-shirt works as a means of communication through which people interact and build communities. From the beginning Champion has built its business on a passion for the personalized garments that have enabled those communities to take shape.

100 Years for the Team.