Cinder Cone

skate in the woods

In the wild woods of Washington near the Columbia River gorge, a bunch of friends and volunteers have built a skate bowl to have a different experience than the overpopulated and noisy cities can offer. Foster Huntington a travel lover who likes to create new things, loves to camp and to surf directed the project. In 2014 he started to dream about a tree house; these daydreams quickly developed into loose plans to build two tree houses and a skate bowl.

Called the ‘Cinder Cone’ the multi-platform tree house structure, thus complete with skate bowl and a wood fired soaking tub, was assembled by professional carpenters, while other helpers learned on the job.

The structure is perched above the bowl, much like a crows nest in an old ship, this then leads down a narrow walkway towards the main tree house which appears to have space for basic sleeping quarters, a small workspace, which leads down to the skate bowl below and a wood fired soaking tub.

Now Foster is in the process of raising funds via Kickstarter to turn the hundreds of photos he took into a book, and to finish scanning the film, finalising the layout and send the first edition to print.