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Pizza Hut + Shoe Surgeon

Pizza Hut Made ‘Pie Tops,’ With a Button on the Tongue to Order Pizza, for March Madness.

Pizza chains are way ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative—some might even say goofy—ways to order pizza. Now, Pizza Hut raises the bar for March Madness with “Pie Tops,” a set of limited-edition high-tops that use geolocation to allow wearers to get pizza delivered to wherever they are.

Just press a special button on the tongue of the sneakers, and they connect with a Pie Tops app (not the regular Pizza Hut app) that orders pizza for you.

Ad agency Droga5 came up with the idea, and the sneakers were handmade by the Shoe Surgeon, aka Dominic Chambrone, who’s a legend in the custom sneaker business.

Grant Hill can explain more in this spot, which will air during March Madness:


via adweek