David Meskhi


Georgian photographer extraordinaire David Meskhi - you might remember him from the feature in Lodown #68, for which he gave us a visually stunning introduction to the youth culture of his homeland  - has a new solo show at Berlin's Galerie Für Moderne Fotografie, which focuses on the physical body.

The fascinating moment between leaping and falling is difficult to put into words. The brief feeling of weightlessness when the body reaches the highest point, pausing momentarily before reversing direction and gravity pulls it back towards the ground, is a central,recurring motif in David Meskhi’s photography. “The energy needed to achieve a goal, the daring, liberating moment of the leap, which brings you invariably further, but which is also tied to the counter-movement of the fall, is for me a powerful metaphor for a dynamic that we are repeatedly confronted with in life,” describes Meskhi.“

The exhibition runs until January 28, 2017. Schröderstrasse 13 / 10115 Berlin / Thursday - Saturday 12-18h