Derek Howard at Transmediale

doctor korbes

Just a few more days before the Transmediale Festival will open its doors to the public, and once again it will present a forward-thinking platform to connect contemporary art, culture and technology.

One of many highlights will be the screening of “Doctor Korbes“, the latest short doc by our good friend Derek Howard - a Candian filmmaker and DoP based in Berlin.

“Shot entirely through a peephole of a door, Doctor Korbes chronicles the voyeuristic relationship that develops between a filmmaker and his compulsively hoarding neighbor. What starts as surveillance footage prompted by a mysterious break-in, evolves into obsessive documentation of bizarre occurrences over a two-year period. The camera bares witness to the comings and goings of a variety of people: prostitutes, the fire brigade, the police, all seen from the perspective of spying on one’s own neighbor.“

The screening will take place on Sunday, 1st February (14:30) at the HKW Theatersaal, and you can check an excerpt from this fascinating exercise in voyersim out below.