dirty furniture

When design leaves the showroom

While several design and architecture magazines write about houses and furniture, hardly any of them took the time to deeply analyze one particular piece of furniture… well, until this very moment.

Dirty Furniture –  a new publication that hopefully will see the light of the day soon – explores complex narratives of what happens “when design leaves the showroom”. The new independent biannual design magazine will uncover the relationship between people and the things they live with. It will be limited to 6 issues, and each of them will have a specific piece of furniture as its theme. Starting with the couch, the first publication will explore this topic with different approaches such as politics, design, history, technology, psychology, manufacturing, and art.

However, this project needs your help. Go on its Kickstarter campaign and give generously, so that Dirty Furniture can become a reality! We want to know more about these couches!