DM Stith


In a perfect world painter/graphic designer/multi-instrumentalist and vocalist extraordinaire David Michael Stith would be bigger than Sufjan Stevens, Thom Yorke and Daniel Rossen combined - but since we're living in a rather fucked up place it is most likely that he will be the eternal insider's tip for the rest of his career.

Seven years after “Heavy Ghost“ - and a few after his overlooked The Revival Hour project - DM Stith is finally back with a new album on Octaves/Outset Recordings titled “Pigeonheart“, on which he once again mixes experimental sounds and structures with singer-songwriter sensibilities to stunning results.

Even though it is a very haunting song, “Amylette“ might be an odd choice for receiving the video treatment - but since “Pigeonheart“ isn't necessarily designed as a singles album in the first place but demands a proper listen from A to Z, it sure is an adequate representation of where Stith´s head is at these days. Highly recommended.