hvw8 Berlin Groupshow

HVW8 Gallery Berlin presents DRAWINGS, a new group exhibition featuring the works of Julia Gröning, Esra Gülmen, Sebastian Haslauer, John Kleckner, Mode 2, Jaybo Monk, Bernardo Maldonado Morales, Jay One Ramier, Stefan Rinck, Steffen Seeger, SuperBlast, Vova Vorotniov, T.B. Zasd and Isaac Zavale.

In DRAWINGS, each artist examines their own approach  and personal process of drawing. Various examples of mark making are seen, such as a the quick mark, the carefully labored, the experimental or the simple drawing. All embraced, as a representation of the artist ́s pure vision. The alchemical process of thought materializing on paper in a moment, through a single line can feel like witnessing magic. The exhibition features artists who have previously collaborated with HVW8 as well as introduces new artists to showcase the importance of the community that carries our gallery ́s cultural heritage into the future.

OPENING: November 24, 6–9 pm

EXHIBITION: November 25, 2023 – January 22, 2024

HVW8 Art + Design Gallery Berlin
Linienstraße 161
Berlin 10115