Blood Red

EGOPUSHER’s music reminds us a lot of John Carpenter’s soundtracks. There’s something very cinematic about how they write. All their songs sound both intimate and grand at the same time, as if they were portals to a sequence of dramatic scenes playing out on the silver screen. The duo is ruthless in how they temper with your emotions and they have a great feeling for how to invoke a wellspring of larger than life pictures that relentlessly flood your mind’s eye. Like Mr. Carpenter’s music they also squeeze the living soul out of jagged-sounding, analog synths – somehow humanising these arpeggio driven machines. In a sense, they’re a throwback to early electronica, one that was more concerned with songwriting and clear melody lines and well balanced harmonies, rather than a compensatory, state of the art/now type sound design. Last, but not least, they are also great examples of restraint. There’s just enough in every song, never too much – as if the final arrangements were stripped down to the bare essentials, something that Mr. Carpenter had a great knack for. What sets them apart though, is that there’s something very innocent and pure in their music. You won’t find a smidgeon of darkness anywhere on their album. And that’s not to say that this is happy music, it’s not! It’s just that when you listen to it the world becomes magical again. The sense of wonder returns, even if it’s mildly tinged by something deeply blue. This is day dreaming music at its finest.

EGOPUSHER’s debut LP entitled Blood Red will drop on the 13th of October. The LP is all that and  Mr. Carpenter’s bag of chips with the dip! We’re very honoured that we got to hear this before everyone else and that we got to premiere Flake, which BTW is the first single off the upcoming LP. Now we’re just hoping that we can wrangle these fellas into making us an exclusive mixtape! EGOPUSHER are Alessandro Giannelli and Tobias Preisig.