The Fink + Forty Show

Every Monday on KCRW Berlin

In case you've missed the good news: Monday nights just got a lot more eclectic - some might even say overall exciting and rad - because long-term buddies Fin Greenall (aka celebrated singer/songwriter Fink) and Lodown's very own Sven Fortmann decided to play carefully selected pieces of new music to each other on KCRW Berlin. If this sounds a bit lame to you, maybe the official press release will arouse your interest more elaborately:

“With wit and humor, hosts Fin Greenall and Sven Fortmann bring their collective experience in radio and music journalism to expose listeners to the myriad of new sounds influencing music makers across Europe.“

The latest show will always be ready to stream for a week. If you don’t mind rather banging Irish indie rock having a menage à trois with gentle Japanese psych and Norwegian dark disco, then this show might be your new most favourite thing now. Tune in!