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Be Right Back

“He once told me that he cooked a cat with a priest in Milan. I asked him if he ate it, and he said he did. (chuckles) But I don't know if it's true“ - Dodie Kazanjian, Vogue Art Critic

“Be Right Back“ is a documentary directed by Maura Axelrod, which puts the rather challenging art and provocative ideas of Maurizio Cattelan in the spotlight.

“An art world upstart, provocative and elusive artist Maurizio Cattelan made his career on playful and subversive works that send up the artistic establishment, until a retrospective at the Guggenheim in 2011 finally solidified his place in the contemporary art canon. Axelrod's equally playful profile leaves no stone unturned in trying to figure out: who is Maurizio Cattelan?“