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The Cleaners

Hotly-tipped documentary “The Cleaners“ promises to be a very uncomfortable yet essential experience. Directed by Moritz Riesewieck and Hans Block the film generally raises some very inconvenient questions about the digital age we're living in - specifically about social media.

Delete or ignore? Eponymously “cleaners“ work at the very center of digital censorship, as they are employed to analyze and decide if the content you're about to spread on the Internet is offensive and too extreme - or simply politically questionable - or good to go. The doc though doesn't only address the many problems when it comes to outsourcing democracy, it also dips into the psychological impact the material has on the cleaners as well as focusing on how today's Internet giants are actually operating - and their motivation behind it.

“The Cleaners“ will be released in German theaters on May 17, 2018.