Flipping the bird


One little gesture can say so much, can't it?

The "FUCK YOU” sign is the only symbol that any human being understands from Asia to Africa, from the bushes to the big cities. Thus, showing a "FUCK YOU" in cinema are transmitting something without any words. Actually making a “good” middle finger sign is not that easy.

This "Flipping the bird" supercut movie presents the best "FUCK YOU" in cinema and shows that it’s an art to do it properly with some style. Some are strict, hidden, in the mouth, on a bike, in a car or even with a kiss; others a simple, motionless but powerful.

One of our favourite? the "FUCK YOU" cap gadget from the French comedy movie “Babysitting” (don’t get us wrong, it is not a reference but we want this cap!).

Enjoy !