Franklin & Marshall Verona

showcasing the home turf

With more than 2000 years of history, amazing tales, myths and medieval gossip, Verona is quite a special city, that owns a trade-friendly and very central location in northern Italy. Luckily, I could follow Franklin & Marshall’s invitation to learn to know the city, the F&M headquarter, the production facilities and to celebrate the Verona Store opening. Bella Italia in the house.

Only two weeks after the London Store opening, Franklin & Marshall opened the Verona Flagship store. The store and the street Via Stella was packed while the soccer player from Hellas Verona & the rugby player from CUS mingled in. 

Since the launch of the authentic sportswear brand over 14 years ago, the brand steadily expanded worldwide. Franklin & Marshall produces almost completely in Italy (just 30 minutes outside of Verona) to support the local production, match high quality standards and being more flexible. 

Enjoy these snapshots and make sure to put Verona on your bucket list.