friday surf pt.1

Roca Puta Hard balls

At the turn of the year, eyes and lenses were fully focused on the North Pacific as Jaws pumped and they've remained fixated pretty much ever since.

However, whilst we ogled at the first in a string of epic Pe'ahi sessions, European shores pumped as well. Specifically, Roca Puta, beloved by the crazy Basque contingent. Some of the hardest charging guys you’ll find anywhere.

Just after new years on the 3rd of January 2016 a massive swell with good off-shore conditions arrived at Roca Put-on of the best big waves spots around and the waves fired for one day.  It was the craziest day in surfing i ever witnessed live. 
Im so stoked i was abel to be there on that day with my camera and see the local crew go nuts!
Unbelievable...........enjoy! - 
Alexander Triebel

Song: FooFighters - Have a Cigar (Pink Floyd Cover)

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