full concert cut

Chilly Gonzales X Boys Noize

Last week Chilly Gonzales and Boys Noize gave a secret gig on top of Berlin's infamous Teufelsberg radar station - a cold war NSA relict that is in constant decay.
The gig was presented by Zeitgeist Symbiosis by Audi - whatever that means... but it sure was a fantastic show by the self-proclaimed genius and his partner Boyz Noise, and we are happy to present the whole concert video on these pages.


After a while it started pouring down, but that kinda lifted up the spirit of the 200 guests that were invited. The rain made it evident that besides a unique location and spectacular music, it's an appreciating audience that makes things special. Chilly Gonzales and Boys Noize played as Octave Minds for their one and only concert on Berlin’s Teufelsberg.