The Pacifist military outfitter has done it again, G-SHOCK's MUDMASTER meets maharishi’s DPM, a British Bonsai Forest print for the GWG-1000MH-1AER timepiece.

Inspired by the beauty and strength found in natural elements. Reminiscent of the spiraling and interlocking patterns found in wood grain, British Bonsai sees a graphic update to the traditional camouflage pattern streching out the DPM libary and reminding us that camouflage is rooted in nature. 

Designed to thrive in harsh environments, and to be at home in mud, deserts or dense forest, in addition to being sealed against intrusion from mud and debris, the MUDMASTER can also resist heavy vibration and features a G-SHOCK Triple Sensor with compass bearing, altimeter/barometer, and thermometer.

In conjunction with the release, the maharishi team has produced an exclusive short video to celebrate this latest collaboration – sharing the smoky aesthetic from maharishi’s AW16 campaign.

It is available from 4th November G-SHOCK.co.uk, Casio London, G-SHOCK East, and the maharishi store in Soho, London – while stocks last.


Technical features include:
- Shock and water resistant to protect against water, impact and vibration
- Solar cell power operated
- Mud and dust resistant crown with screw lock
- Double LED features
- Triple sensor temperature control
- Multi Band 6 technology


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