Gedächtnis der Entschlafenen

Fotografien von Phillip Zwanzig

Phillip Zwanzig shows things we do not consciously perceive. He moves at the edges of visibility and breaks the veils of everyday life in his photographs. Thus also in his new exhibition 4 eve r - Gedächtnis der Entschlafenen, tells anecdotes from Being and remembers the Now. On the Sunday before the first advent, sadness and pain are the focus. It is the holiday of the dormant, it is Totensonntag. On this day we recall the volatility of life and grasp existence in its transience. On this day, however, we also hope and look with open eyes at the infinity of all life in its development. Side by side are the hope and the transience. In the interstices is 4 eve r. On the night before Totensonntag, we celebrate life.

OPENING: 19.11.16; 19 Uhr

until 23.11.16 täglich zwischen 14 und 18 Uhr

Raum Vollreinigung - Wassertorstraße 65, Berlin