We are actually still raving about Grandbrothers' debut album on Film Rec. - check RNK's review below - which came out in March already. Now outstanding track “Arctica“ is getting a pretty slick video treatment.

“If you’re familiar with Hauschka’s hypnotic, genre-crossing (prepared) piano compositions, the fact that he invited this duo to his own Approximation Festival twice says it all: Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, the two Grandbrothers who first met while studying in Düsseldorf, combine classical piano bliss with experimental tweaks, dancefloor nods, and cinematic synthesizer enhancements. The latter of the two actually builds synthesizers for a living, and, being boon companions, the resulting clash of sonic elements is hardly a clash at all: perfectly interweaving the epically sized piano parts with rhythmic layers and hints of ambient and minimal music, Grandbrothers’ debut full-length “Dilation” nods to Steve Reich, Cage, Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto – and obviously Hauschka – and pretty much sounds like one extended moment of epiphany, experienced at the sandy end of one landmass or other, waiting for the sun to rise.“