Graw Jump Ramps

longest ollie competition

There's so many rad accompanying events during these three days when BRIGHT is opening its doors for the Berlin Fashion Week, it is almost impossible to catch up.

One fun event certainly was the “Longest Ollie Competetion“, which was hosted by Graw Jump Ramps last week. Now a brief glance has just released a short recap clip that was filmed and edited by Alberto Chimenti Dezani.

“Graw was one of the first skateboard companies in Europe. They started their own project in 1984 in Torino, Italy, where they were glueing and pressing boards, becoming the first ever (or one of the first) woodshop in Europe. They were experimenting a lot with different kind of wood and projects, one of which were their jump ramps that became very popular at the time. Now they are back with a renewed version of the jump ramp and with the same spirit based on fun, experimentation and a true love for skateboarding. Last week in Berlin inside the Bright Tradeshow they organized the Graw Jump Ramps Longest Ollie Competition won by Victor Pellegrin who ollie the 4,5 meters distance and shared the money price with Robin Bolian and another guy who ollie the same gap after him. Enjoy the photos and the video edit. Jump ramps are fun.“