Hansson & Thorsby

Damn Son Where Did You Find This?

Damn Son Where Did You Find This? - A book about US hip-hop mixtape cover art is the first book ever to focus on this particular subject. A visual world that reached unseen levels at the turn of the millennium: Contemporary, uncensored, unregulated and extreme. Freed from major label guidelines, lawyer opinions and moral hinderances. A world where rappers turn to super heroes, Hollywood’s latest blockbusters merge with street hits about selling drugs, and where the US election is used as a metaphor for rap beef.

“Damn Son Where Did You Find This?“ is a unique document over a movement that happens right now in the outskirts of popular culture, and a portrait of the new media landscape’s changed conditions for creating culture.

“Damn Son Where Did You Find This?“ is six years in the making and solid detective work was demanded to track down the designers behind the covers. They are living all around the world, maintaining anonymous lives to avoid the judicial consequences of their work. Legal problems connected to copyright infringement were also the reason that big publishers like Taschen and Rizzoli, that initially wanted to release the book, left the project, scared of the reactions the book would get.

The book includes 500 cover artworks along with interviews with designers, artists and DJs.

“Damn Son Where Did You Find This?“ is printed in a limited edition of 400 hand-numbered copies - created by Tobias Hansson & Michael Thorsby and published by La Vida Locash.. 

Exclusively sold at Colette in Paris.

Release parties will take place in Copenhagen and in Berlin at the Wood Wood store during March 2015.