EVOL with Urban Spree

"HARD SHAPES BOXES" is the first solo exhibition of EVOL with Urban Spree Galerie. The show will be on view until July 17th, 2021. The exhibition displays one installation and a selection of new works on cardboard from the famed Berlin stencil artist whose chiseled renderings of Berlin houses and Plattenbau made him an icon of street art since more than 20 years.

His production is as rare and precious as his materia prima is common: the cardboards he uses are invisible and soon-to-be-discarded materials. But don't be mistaken: finding the perfect cardboard for an artwork is a difficult quest, where color, hue, logos and stamps, fractures, accidents and scratches, must align to give birth to his extremely detailed stencils.

Discover the catalogue of the available artworks here.

If walls could speak, they would tell stories of what once was, stories of buildings, of inhabitants, in these very Berliner "Kiez" that are nowadays so fast remodelled by the unforgiven tempo of construction. 

The gallery will be opened this weekend on Saturday (12:00-19:00) and Sunday (13:00-19:00).